This is what I do...

My areas of expertise include software & web development, network security and data storage forensics. For more detailed information on each particular subject, please refer to the individual pages. The following lists serve to give you a broad overview of the services I offer in each of the fields.

Software & web development

  • Execution of software development projects, ranging from initial planning and prototyping to the final implementation, testing and deployment stages;
  • Optimisation and management of existing software solutions;
  • Instruction and training of staff intended to handle the software;
  • Development of server-side web applications with data handling features (relational & object databases, array serialisation etc.);
  • Creation of professional and individual web sites and front ends, including design, client-side scripting and search engine optimisation/marketing;
  • Deployment, setup, extension and design of content management systems (e.g. Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, etc.);
  • Configuration of servers, local or remote, for example via SSH/telnet or remote desktop administration software;
  • Managed web hosting and domain holding.

Network security

  • Installation and configuration of wired and wireless networks for business and home use;
  • Security analysis of existing networks using various types of attacks ("penetration testing") followed by optimisation of the network configuration based on the findings;
  • Instruction of personnel in security mechanisms and practices to ensure integrity of your networks.

Data storage forensics

  • Recovery of data from physical data storage devices (HDDs, SSDs, flash drives and others):
    • Previously deleted data;
    • Data from corrupted and/or damaged devices;
    • Forensically sound imaging of media for investigative purposes;
  • Recovery of user accounts on local operating systems (lost and/or locked accounts or those with corrupted password hashes);
  • Hardware and software encryption/decryption for individual files or entire file systems;
  • Repair of damaged boot records and file systems.

Note: The integrity of recovered data, especially from corrupted/damaged data storage devices, cannot be guaranteed. Recovery of deleted and encrypted data may not be possible or feasible, depending on the methods used for deletion or encryption.


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