Security, why?

Network infrastructures and certain components of web applications may have access to sensitive and confidential information (databases, shared network folders etc.). Even if that is not the case, home and business networks alike are common targets for "hijacking" attempts originating in the vicinity (e.g. for free internet access).

The most effective deterrent is an infrastructure that makes it difficult for intruders, minimising "weak links" in your networks and applications. There are a lot of different factors that may affect security and integrity - these range from obvious matters, such as using secure passwords for user accounts, to more complex issues, like protection from more advanced attacks and proceedings in case your infrastructure comes under such an attack.

Building defence

I provide analytic services for your networks and scripts, allowing appropriate measures to be taken to heighten the security of your infrastructure. These services include several stages, as outlined in the following sections.

Security assessment

  • Assessment of existing infrastructure (wired and wireless networks, web and intranet applications);
  • Application of penetration and/or stress testing techniques to reveal security flaws and potential weak links;