Well, what is there to say about me?

As the site name might indicate, my name is Sascha Geng. I was born and raised in Germany, until, in 2001, I moved to Portugal for the first time. I stayed for 3 years before leaving to attend university in the UK, after which I returned to Portugal and settled down near Vila Nova de Milfontes. Following my stay in these countries, I now speak German, English and Portuguese fluently.

Having been interested in computers and everything related thereto for as long as I can remember, as well as dabbling in programming and web design starting at a young age, my university degree of choice was a Bachelor of Science in the field of computing, specialising in digital forensics (i.e. cryptography, forensics and security, both concerning networks and physical data storage). Due to the nature of the course, I am also versed in software development, ranging from the initial planning to the final implementation and testing phases.

After returning, I decided to become a freelancer and do what I love while pursuing further studies towards a Master of Science degree and, possibly, at some point in the future, apply for a Philosophiæ Doctor.

Regarding my work, I have been called a "perfectionist" on more than one occasion - I simply love the challenge of taking on a new project and providing completely individual and efficient solutions to my customers.

Wish to contact me?

Please refer to the contact page provided on this site. I will do my best to reply within 24 hours.